A Start…

This is my first blog entry. Whatever you will find on this blog is not intended for “you”. I don’t offer self-improvement or self-help methods because they assume that we are flawed, that is, not good enough the way we are. Therefore, although they may alleviate dis-ease with life to some extend, they will never be able to put to rest the seeking for wholeness. The intention of this blog is to release your being from the clutches of the “you” by pointing at its illusory nature. By illusory I don’t mean to suggest that the “you” does not exist but that it exists other than one usually thinks it does. And I am not suggesting either that the “you” is problematic. Just the belief in its inherent existence as a separate entity can be. If that sounds interesting, fine. Go on reading. If not, that’s fine too.

This is a nutshell version of what this blog is about:

What is the “you” and why can it be problematic?
I define the “you” as the embodied sense of a separate entity that likes or dislikes, accepts or rejects what it experiences based on previous experiences.
Due to the preference for certain experiences the “you” is bound to constantly oscillate between bliss and piss, desire and fear, thereby unconsciously enslaving itself by its own conditioning. For a “you” that often runs into experiences which it has predominantly unpleasant associations with, life can seem an endless struggle or even cruel. For a “you” that is often confronted with pleasant experiences, life seems easy, effortless.
No matter its conditioning, though, every “you” seems to be endlessly trying to avoid unpleasant experiences by means of seeking out for pleasant experiences through sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, relationships, fame, enlightenment, etc. This seeking for pleasant experiences (or escaping from unpleasant ones) is what drives most of the life of the “you”. It is the stuff its story is all about.

How do “you” come about?
The “you” is made up of a body and a mind. Em-body-ment arises when the “you” attributes sense impressions to a body in time and space. En-mind-ing happens when the “you” attributes memory and thinking to an abstract concept called “mind” within an embodied entity in time and space. The referencing of sense impressions, memory and thought arising in awareness to a separate body-mind in time and space constantly upholds a sense of “you” throughout the day and while dreaming at night. When the “you” is deprived of sense impressions, memory and thought, such as in deep sleep, the sense of it is lost.

Where do “you” go at night?
Every night the “you” disappears without us reflecting much about the philosophical implications. We just take it for granted that it reappears when we wake up. If we think about it, though, there can only be one possible explanation: something that can disappear and reappear cannot be inherently real, meaning, its existence must be dependent on other conditions. These conditions are, as stated above, interpretation of and identification with sense impressions, memory and thought. Without those you exist but not as the “you” it usually takes itself to be.

Who are You?
You are not the “you”. Think about this for a second: in deep sleep the “you” disappears but you still keep breathing, right? That which keeps you breathing is your fundamental essence. You are that which enlivens “you”. Some call it energy, some call it consciousness or essence, other simply call it life. Whatever it is, it is an impersonal no-thing that is ongoing. “You” is an illusion.

What is real?
Scientists have been telling us all along that fundamentally all they could find anywhere in the universe is one form or another of no-thing. The deeper they dig into the no-thing the more no-thing they find (for some reason, however, scientists, just like any anybody else, unconsciously exclude the “you” from this incredible discovery). Furthermore, the no-thing that scientists are finding, seems to be everywhere. The universe seems to be an unbroken wholeness of no-thingness that manifests to our senses in myriad forms. Hence, depending on the point of view one is taking everything is either of the same essence, or, alternatively, nothing inherently exists in and of itself apart from this essence.

Absorbing the “you” into the One
What does this leave us with? Every-thing is one no-thing. If all is this One, then body, mind, sensations, feelings, thoughts and emotions are this One too. They are but the One in disguise and, therefore, cannot be of separate “thing-ness”. Realizing this undercuts the duality between a “you” that is experiencing “some-thing” through the body-mind and the experiencing itself. This is called “at-one-ment”. It is the anti-dote to the sense of separation between experience and experiencer. With it, any type of experience, no matter how painful, ceases to be perceived as problematic, as the resistance to it collapses when it is realized to be none other than what one fundamentally is. The rejection of any type of experience then becomes a form of self-denial, a mental activity which, one realizes, can only lead to un-wholeness and suffering. The result of this realization is an unconditional surrender and acceptance to the experience of life because life and the One are one.

Paradox of existence
Even after the realization of oneness, perception of duality does not magically disappear, but it becomes transparent. The “you” is realized to be the fictitious character in a story written by interpretations of what is experienced in awareness. The same applies to the notion of oneness. If all is One, then oneness can’t exist in and of itself either, because it is a dualistic concept, that is, dependent on a notion of “other”. Hence, what remains when duality and oneness alchemistically “meet” is just “this” as it is: a super-ordinary existence beyond notions of oneness or duality in accord with what is experienced in the only reality there is and ever will be, which is whatever happens in awareness moment-by-moment. This is liberation.

How to realize oneness
Just like the eye cannot see itself, the “you” cannot go beyond itself and realize its illusory nature. The very trying to, will reinforce the sense of “you”. What to do? The role of the teachings is to engage the “you” into paradoxes or riddles which point to the linguistic “place” where conceptual pairs of opposites are transcended and the dualistic “you”, in a flash (sometimes called “insight”), looses any ground to stand on. Only “there” can no-thingness be known without conceptually asserting it (asserting a “no-thing” per definition denies it). It is in this spirit that this blog will hopefully unfold. If not, it won’t.

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”
~ Rumi



3 Comments on “A Start…”

  1. Can we be big enough to live this? And what a relief it is to be this big…

  2. Richard says:

    After so much reading and exploring, I am excited about discovering your writings and the prospect of following your pointing. There is a clarity and wisdom here that resonates with me – thank you.

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