List of Sevens (3): Truth-Sharing Hollywood Movies

My picks in order of release date:

1. Star Wars (1977)
Contemporary variation of the perennial mono-myth of the hero venturing into the unconscious to integrate his “dark side” to become a whole human being. Movie series strongly influenced by the works of mythologist Joseph Campbell and psychologist C.G. Jung.

Excerpt from “The Power of Myth”, a fascinating 6 part PBS Series featuring Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers. For the time being, you’ll find the episodes on

2. The Breakfast Club (1985)
Mixed bag of high school kids in detention painfully find out that below there superficial personas they all share the same fears and desires. A great tale about the origins of kinship and compassion.

3. Groundhog Day (1993)
Comedy about a man who gets stuck in time and re-lives the same day over and over again until he learns that surrendering to “what is” and embracing every single moment is the path to his own salvation. Eastern philosophy in a nutshell!

4. The Big Lebowski (1998)
Counter-culture celebration of cool laziness that manages to say a lot about the game of being human without saying much at all. The way of the “Dude” poignantly epitomizes the fact that life makes most sense whenever it does not need to make sense.

5. American Beauty (1999):
Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic close up look at people supposedly living the suburban American-dream but who lost the most valuable thing in their lives: the ability to see the miraculous in the mundane.

This is one of the most famous movie scenes ever.

6. The Matrix (1999)
Man awakens from a dream-world infused into his consciousness by a mechanical society to become the “One”, that is, his own authority in life. Eastern symbolism meets Western science-fiction to illustrate the transformational process of individuation.

This is a 15 minute excerpt from a TV show called “Philosophy And the Matrix”. The whole show is also on Youtube.

7. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)
Couple tries to erase their memories of each other after a painful break-up to be able to get on with life, only to realize that such a procedure means losing the reminiscences of the most intimate moments they’ve experienced in their lives. A movie that in a beautiful way reminds us that love and pain go together, that one derives its meaning from the other.

…and one more…

The Game (1997)
Bored business-man agrees to participate in a mysterious recreational “game” that is so realistic and thrilling that he loses himself completely in it and is awoken out his illusion and subsequently reborn only as he lets go of everything. A wonderful parable on how the universe operates through the human species.

This is the end scene of the movie. Spoiler alert!

2 Comments on “List of Sevens (3): Truth-Sharing Hollywood Movies”

  1. marga t. says:

    Great explorations here! I teach Composition at a Community College, but really, my private title for my course is “red pill/blue pill.” The last essay, I have them write a film analysis on either The Matrix or GroundHog Day. I love the insight from people in the class from many different backgrounds. Thanks so much for the sharing.

  2. thanks for “List of Sevens”
    i like star wars

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