The universe makes most sense by not making much sense.
As its purpose is to have no particular purpose,
It has infinite creative potential.

It moves as it stays and stays as it moves.
As change is its only constant,
It remains forever the same.

It has always been going on without going anywhere.
As it has never started and will never end,
Time does not apply to it.

It gives rise to all pairs of opposites.
And as the source of everything,
Nothing exists apart of it.

You are neither its puppet nor its master.
These ideas are based on self and other,
But such separation never took place.

There is only all-self which is all-other,
Forever re-creating itself out of itself.
We are IT dreaming we are other.

Now, wake up.
But beware.
The juice of life is in the dream.



6 Comments on “Unknowing”

  1. I like this, but something bugs me. How can the juice of life be in something that never took place?

    • Yes, it’s an illusion that there is separation. But isn’t the illusion of this separation not what fundamentally provides the juice to our lives? If we were born without the sense of separation, there would be no thrill, no beautiful sad love songs, no journey to awakening, no winning, no losing, no folly, etc.
      The middle way is to be sucked in by it but without forgetting that it’s all a grand show. It’s like going to the movies: involved enough to enjoy it but not too involved to be freaked out by it….

      • I’m not sure you can be sucked in by it and simultaneously be conscious that it’s an illusion. And I’m not sure enjoyment of life is dependent on the illusion. The way I see it is there’s more potential for Joy,Love and Harmony by Consciously being One with the Truth and allowing IT to function as us. 🙂

      • Thank you for your comment!
        I think I am kind of saying the same thing. Let’s say you go to a romantic movie. If you kept telling yourself: “this is not real, it’s just a movie” you wouldn’t enjoy it because you would put it down and could have stayed home. You wouldn’t get anything out of it. On the other hand if you forgot it was a movie and completely identified with the plot and there would be a break-up you would be totally devastated. You would get hung-up on the movie. So, isn’t the art of living to find a way to live sincerely but not seriously? To know the Truth is to know there is nothing fundamentally to worry about, so why not get completely sucked up? To me, any hesitation to give oneself wholeheartedly to life is prove that one hasn’t completely realized the Truth in all its aspects for our lives yet. There are some unconscious hang-ups remaining which put brakes on us, that keep us from flowing.
        Apart from that if you know IT, why would you have to be conscious about it all the time? It’s not something you remember, it’s something you always know when you know.

  2. I like what you say. I guess I still don’t accept the premise that we have be unconscious to enjoy life. But you’re probably not saying that. Words are so inadequate. ❤

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