Dream & Reality

The only reality is the raw experience of life prior to the mind’s involvement.
We are constantly seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching nothing but the Truth.

The mind discriminates, interprets, evaluates and judges our sensory input. Thereby it creates a parallel world that does not exist independent of our minds, a mirage of ideas, beliefs and opinions about reality.

This dream world is the source of us living out imaginary stories of right and wrong, better and worse, me and other. And both, the most exalted as well as the most painful moments of our lives are simply caused by whether reality fits our mind-made stories.

The whole of humanity is a big act. As long as we are convinced that our fictitious stories about reality hold true, we are hopelessly caught up in our roles and ideologies and forever struggle and strive on the spot.

The only way out of the story is to fully see through and acknowledge it. Transcendence is neither being lost in the story nor denying or rejecting it.

The mind is not a mistake and, so, to be human means to put on an act. But at the same time, when we are ignorant about reality and take our role too seriously, our life becomes a drag.

For playing is fun when everybody tries to win without being invested in the outcome. Thus the sages consciously play out their fake acts in a genuine manner and with compassion.

Nothing – not even ourselves – exists the way we think it does.
What is ultimately real is … this, and there is no other Truth, ever.

Shed your illusions,
wake up to reality,
know peace,
and be one.

This is a song I recorded recently with a friend


5 Comments on “Dream & Reality”

  1. Clarity beyond clarity. Beautifully stated. Peace.

  2. zaturoska says:

    Hi, well I really connect with your blog and look forward to your entries. Thank you. Can I ask where are you from, my curiosity comes after seeing Dolina written out in letters I can understand (Cyrillic). Also wondering if you do any public speaking, it would be wonderful to meet this community of people that follow you here on your blog. Thanks again! Renata

    • Hi Renata! Thank you for commenting! I am from Switzerland and do not speak Russian (my friend suggested the name for song). I don’t speak in public. I am a regular person with an ordinary life. I do not intend to become a spiritual teacher or anything of that sort. There is nothing really to teach anyway. The Truth is the most obvious thing. The problem is that we are conditioned to mot accept the present reality as it is…

  3. zaturoska says:

    Thanks again for sharing. I am happy to have found your blog it has helped me in my Journey. Keep up the good work, Renata

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