Spiritual Junkie

How many retreats do we need to attend, and
How many healing ceremonies does it take, and
How many awakenings do we have to go through,
To understand their message?

So long as trust in the universe is lacking,
we keep dialing God’s number like fools.
And as the medicine becomes our diet,
We won’t dare to hang up the phone.

But has our head ever disappeared,
As we lost sight of it?
Do we need to keep repeating our names,
To know what we are called?

A spiritual junkie lives from rush to rush,
And neglects many everyday concerns.
Not knowing that that way,
He hurries right past most gems of life.

He wants the high’s without the low’s,
But nothing exists independent of its opposite.
By continuously seeking spiritual bliss,
He walks the path of the eternal sucker.

The Truth is never hidden from anybody.
The sacred time and space is right here now.
Seek no further, get on with life.
In the love, in the light, in the glory and in the darkness.



5 Comments on “Spiritual Junkie”

  1. As usual, beautifully stated, and hopefully digested by those that come to your banquet.

  2. I just posted my coming out as a spiritual addict today…”a spiritual junkie living from rush to rush”. I love what you say…helps keep me off of “the path of the eternal sucker” (as much as possible anyway). Timely…thanks.

    • I saw your post just after I published mine. I loved it. The way you can take yourself lightly shows (to me at least) that you are very much understanding what this is all about. The only way to stop our non-stopping is to stop trying to stop it. The seeking will run its course, it will dance its dance out on its own. And as we journey along in the finale of this dance, why not even joke a bit about it? You do, because you know that when you let the seeking in peace, it let’s you in peace.

      PS: Maybe you actually enjoy seeking. In that case you should go on!

  3. souldoula says:

    I wouldn’t assume that all ceremonies and retreats have the same objective… some elusive rush or transcendent revelation. Rather, spiritual practice is often a way of getting on with life; a way of expressing its ordinary sacredness here and now. Yes, it can sometimes be like a drug. But it can also just be a way of taking nourishment. A gesture of belonging to this life.

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